2020-21 IBSC Action Research Program

Check back for more information when we announce the new topic by September 1.

Applications will open by September 1. Please check back then for more information.

IBSC will accept 40 applicants into the 2020-21 IBSC Action Research Program, with a maximum of two individuals per school. The program accepts individual researchers only (no teams). If a school submits more than one application, we ask the head of school to work with us to prioritize the applicants because of the high demand for spaces in the program. Each application must have the Statement of Support from the head of school. Preference is given to first-time IBSC action researchers.

In addition, the head of school must supply the name and email of a senior member of staff willing to act as a mentor for the researcher. The team advisor sends details of the research timetable and regular updates on the researcher’s progress to the mentor, who assists the researcher to successfully meet deadlines throughout the project. For a detailed overview of the mentor position, please consult The Role of the Mentor (PDF).

The mentor also acts as a critical friend in the planning, implementation, and presentation of the project, and meets regularly with the researcher to provide any assistance or feedback needed. The mentor ensures all submissions and the final report are formally edited and correctly referenced ahead of publication.