Action Research Leadership

Research Program Coordinator

Margot Long

Margot Long

I am an English teacher by trade and have taught at nearly all grades in different schools, from Year 6 to Year 12. For the past 11 years, I have worked as Deputy Head of Academics at St John's Preparatory School in Johannesburg. My first experience with the IBSC Action Research Project was as a member of the 2008/2009 team, researching the topic: How can programmes that promote safe, just and inclusive classroom and school environments improve the learning experience for boys? My research report focused on programmes that combat bullying in schools.

Being part of the global research team proved to be such a wonderful experience, and I made so many new friends, that I have stayed on ever since, first as a Team Advisor and now as the Program Coordinator. It is so easy to keep in touch across the world, and there is nothing better than hearing news from a team member, or meeting up for a drink and a catch up at the annual international conference. The special friendships established with the other four Team Advisors and with Di Laycock, my Mentor, have enriched my life, both professionally and personally. I have also learned so much about the importance of action research in schools to enable us to continue reviewing best practice in educating boys.

I am looking forward to meeting the new team of researchers who will begin their research journey in Baltimore, examining the topic: Adaptability in a Changing World. It’s also with a sense of real anticipation that I look forward to sharing the findings of the outgoing team, researching Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning.

Research Team Advisors

Trish Cislak

Trish CislakI spend my days as Head of Libraries and Research at Crescent School. My role encompasses leading a team of library professionals in the development of an information literacy skills continuum, nurture faculty partnerships to support teaching and learning, as well as, build a reading culture amongst the boys. In 2010, I began my own IBSC Action Research journey with a project examining the use of audio books to support reading habits in boys. It is very rewarding to see that, at Crescent, we continue to build our audio book collection as a result of my action research project.

I also fill my days as a Grade 7 homeroom teacher, coach volleyball, curling and softball. I also enjoy working as an advisor with our Middle School Leadership Council.

My husband and I have a daughter in first year university and we will proudly watch our son graduate from Crescent School this June.

I am very much looking forward to being part of the IBSC AR team for another cycle, it is the most enriching professional development experience for teachers interested in improving their practice. I am grateful for the ever-growing network of global colleagues I am a part of due to my involvement with the IBSC.

Bruce Collins

Bruce Collins

I teach English at St Alban's College in Pretoria, South Africa, where my primary role is as Director of Professional Development and Learning Enhancement. Passionate about innovation, I spend insomnia-filled night hours trying to understand how innovation and pedagogy intersect. I'm also freelance writer for educational publications and The Coffee Magazine, a South African periodical. I also sneak off campus once a week to work as a barista at Vintage Coffee, feeding my unquenchable passion for specialty coffee.

In 2012/13 I participated in the IBSC Action Research Program (with Laura Sabo) and have been a passionate proponent of action research in schools since. My first term as an IBSC team advisor was for the 2014/15 cycle and I have now mentored 3 teams through their own action research journeys. My own Action Research journey has been powerful in the way that it has informed and challenged my teaching practice.

I am also passionate about social media, technology, design and film, and I'm a compulsive beard grower. I have 3 beautiful daughters and an amazing wife.

Janetta Lien

Janetta LienI currently serve as the Director of Admission for Middle and Upper School at The Browning School in New York. Prior to my work in admission, I was a member of the science faculty for seven years, where I taught Lower School and Middle School science classes and an Upper School science elective in geology and environmental studies.

I had the pleasure of participating in action research during the 2015-16 school year on the theme of global citizenship. Being a part of an action research team afforded me the time and space to plan, execute, and reflect on my teaching practice while seeking to develop transformative experiences for the boys on an important topic. Another wonderful outcome was working with a group of like-minded, caring educators from all over the world. I am excited to join the next cycle of action research as a Team Advisor and look forward to many productive and thought-provoking conversations ahead!

Laura Sabo

Laura Sabo

I am a Librarian at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Our school enrolls close to 1,000 students in grades JK-12, and I have the pleasure of teaching boys in grades JK-5. I teach within a Learning Commons model, integrating technology, library, and information literacy skills in the context of classroom curriculum. This format provides a wonderful opportunity for teacher collaboration, and our team strives to design engaging, innovative student-driven projects.

I’m thrilled to be in my fourth cycle as a team advisor for our 2017/2018 Action Researchers. Four years ago I completed a research project focused on creativity, technology, and boys, in which students used multimedia digital tools to create social awareness posters. What an amazing experience! I value the wealth of information and the wonderful relationships I gained through the process and look forward to meeting and working with a new team of researchers in Baltimore this June.