How You Can Participate

The IBSC welcomes the participation of teachers and administrators from its member schools in the IBSV Action Research program. In addition to bringing together teams of educators from around the globe to share, collaborate, and learn from one another, the program can prepare action researchers to be leaders and innovators in their own schools.

Working individually or as part of a team, IBSC Action Researchers identify and ask questions about an area of practice, review the literature or otherwise determine what is known about it, design or modify a strategy, determine how to measure its impact, implement the plans, and measure and evaluate the results. Throughout the process, participants meet in online discussions and in person at the IBSC Annual Conference where they will present their findings the following year.

Action researchers are supported by other members of their team and the IBSC’s Action Research Coordinator Margot Long of St. Johns College (South Africa). Long completed her own IBSC Action Research Project with five other educators in 2008 under the theme Positive Relationships, Positive Learning. She has served as an IBSC coordinator since 2015-16, and before that served as an IBSC Action Research team leader from 2009-15.

Participants need the approval and support of their home school, which selects a colleague to serve as the school-based mentor.

Check back in September for complete information on the 2018-19 theme and application process.

What Action Researchers Say

“Undertaking this project was invigorating. It provided an ‘excuse’ to think about what was happening in the classroom and why…. I began to question the ‘usual’ ways of doing things. I was inspired to be an Action Researcher on a daily basis; trialling new approaches to teaching and learning; implementing new actions; and being a more reflective educator.”
- Stuart Pearson, Scots College (Australia)

“The IBSC Action Research research project on Boys as Global Citizens has certainly helped me be a more effective teacher within my classroom walls, but it also provided an invigorating springboard for sharing my passion for meaningful teaching and learning with others.”
- Michelle Heaton, The Fenn School (United States)

“This [Action Research project] has been a journey I would recommend to any educator who wants to try to make a change, big or small.”
- Maria Hodges, Christ Church Grammar School (Australia)

“Not knowing much about action research as a theory, I started this process with both anticipation and apprehension. I now see how valuable action research can be for teachers in the field. Often we want to know how changing our methods can affect our results, but we do not have a long period to gather data and analyze results. The Action Research model is quickly implemented and flexible enough to adapt to a variety of needs.”
- Lucinda Whitehurst, St. Christopher’s School (United States)

“I would hope, having enjoyed such a positive learning experience through this action research project, that I will continue to engage in identifying areas which require small-scale intervention….”
- Debbie Martin, Maritzburg College (South Africa)