Financial terms: The school must fund all travel, accommodations, and conference registration costs associated with the researcher’s participation in the IBSC Action Research project. In a nutshell, the Head of School must approve all funding for the applicant, including travel costs for both the 2017 and 2018 IBSC Annual Conferences, and the cost of editing the final report, should it be necessary. The IBSC will underwrite all other expenses, including compensation of the IBSC Action Research Coordinator, Team Advisors, and special consultants working with IBSC Action Research teams, and costs associated with the production and posting of materials and reports.

Final report: Researchers must produce a final research report that is well written and rigorously copyedited, following the IBSC Action Research Guidelines. We recommend that each researcher use a skilled copyeditor to ensure the final report achieves the high quality required for publication.

Financial support: To ensure the IBSC Action Research Program is open to member schools with limited professional development funds and to state/public schools, the sponsoring Head of School may request financial support from IBSC. A request for this financial support must be made on the Statement of Support submitted by the Head of School.