Global Research Initiatives

Uniquely, the IBSC runs global research programs that serve as catalysts for professional growth and school improvement with the aspiration that the resulting advancements in teaching and scholarship will be informed and inspired by practical, results-driven research. These research initiatives are global in scope and participation, and all the major regions in the IBSC membership are represented. The projects have been collaborative, involving teachers, school leaders, and students in “on the ground” research. And, in the best sense, these initiatives have been results-oriented, providing research-driven, practical knowledge to inform teaching and program design.

Thus far, the IBSC has completed four major research projects on best practices for teaching boys. In July 2016, we commissioned a fifth project to start in September 2016, and conclude in June 2018. Only IBSC Members have unlimited access to our Research Projects and Reports.

Relational Teaching with Primary and Junior Boys

In November 2016, IBSC published a new research report available exclusively to member schools and the communities they serve. Based on research conducted at diverse schools in three different countries, Relational Teaching with Primary and Junior Boys identifies the features of successful relational strategies employed by teachers.

Character Education in Schools for Boys

In June 2016, the IBSC Board of Directors approved Character Education in Schools for Boys, a research project that will culminate in a wide-ranging report to the IBSC membership. Research is being conducted now.

Mastery Practice in Teaching Boys

Over 18 months of research and writing just concluded for our fourth project on mastery in teaching. The resulting report was published in 2016.

For Whom the Boy Toils: The Primacy of Relationship in Boys’ Learning

In 2011, Drs. Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley under guidance and direction of the IBSC continued their work on the relational aspects ofteaching. Their report, published in 2013, is the culmination of their research with 35 project schools from around the world—boys’ schools in the IBSC community.

Locating Significance in the Lives of Boys

Our first research project was followed in 2009 by research undertaken by Dr. Adam Cox in conjunction with 20 IBSC Member schools. The resulting report which details "dimensions of significance” in boys' lives was published in 2011.

Teaching Boys: A Global Study of Effective Practices

In 2008, the IBSC contracted with the Center for The Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives to design, carry out and report on best practices in teaching boys. The resulting research report was published by the IBSC in 2009.

Only IBSC Members have unlimited access to IBSC Research Projects and Reports.

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