Exploring Boys' Education Podcast

Pilot Episode

An Important Moment for Boys and Boys' Schools

Join Sherry Rusher, dean of faculty at St. Albans School (United States), in the inaugural Exploring Boys’ Education Podcast as she hosts a conversation with Adam Cox, author of Cracking the Boy Code.

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Adam Cox

Dr. Adam Cox
Author of Cracking the Boy Code

Sherry Rusher
Sherry Rusher
Dean of Faculty, St.. Albans School
IBSC Board Member
Bruce Collins
Bruce Collins
Director of Membership Engagement

Rusher and Cox highlight how the current climate finds boys under heavy scrutiny—and boys’ schools even more so. They explore what boys’ schools and boyhood represent and challenge the perception of what is really happening in boys’ schools. Cox enumerates effective ways to engage boys in responsible citizenship and respectful relations, and both share examples of what boys’ schools are doing successfully in this regard. They illuminate how boys find their most authentic selves and how schools can create genuine forums for exchange. Cox offers insight into how boys’ schools can encourage listening, empathy, and vulnerability in boys. Both experts agree that weaving character development into every facet of school life creates an effective way of engaging boys in meaningful discussion and helping them find purpose in adolescence. Cox asserts that, in many ways, boys’ schools answer the challenges boys frequently face.