IBSC Exploring Boys' Education Podcast

Season 5, Episode 4
Supporting Indigenous Students in Boys' Schools

In the latest IBSC Exploring Boys’ Education podcast episode, Laura Sabo and Justine Kolliou delve into fostering inclusivity and understanding in boys' education. As lower school librarian and academic research coordinator at St. Christopher's School (United States), Sabo discusses her role in promoting a research culture and leading action research in boys' education. As head of Indigenous education at The Scots College (Australia), Kolliou shares her groundbreaking work in supporting Indigenous Australian boys, focusing on pastoral care, academic needs, and cultural connectedness. This episode offers deep insights into innovative educational practices and the importance of culturally inclusive environments in boys' schools, providing valuable perspectives for educators worldwide. 

Access Kolliou’s award-winning report and other top projects from the 2022-23 IBSC Action Research cohort.

Charles Bailey

Justine Kolliou
The Scots College (Australia)

Hannah Fox

Lara Sabo 
St. Christopher's School (United States)


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