Building Learning Relationships Through the Use of Technology in IBSC Schools

Phase 2

As the use of technology in our schools becomes more pervasive, we want to understand how this might shape boys’ learning relationships. The next phase in the research project conducted with the Relationships Foundation seeks to establish baseline data about the use of technology by member schools and create opportunities for more in-depth learning about the impact on relationships. Get involved in the research in one—or all—of these ways.

  1. Participate in a survey that will collect baseline data on technology use in each IBSC member school along with staff and parent perceptions of its impact.
  2. Opt-in to measurement of student-student and student-teacher relationships with more detailed reflection by staff on how technology influences these relationships. Participating schools will receive their own dashboard on the strength of their learning relationships and staff perceptions on the impact of technology. Participating schools pay an administrative fee to cover the costs: US $1,000 for tuition-based schools or US $500 for nontuition schools. Additional options will include a dashboard and briefing for schools at US $800.
  3. Further qualitative research with staff and students will help members explore how to use technology best, the contexts that enable this, and the relational risks that may arise. Schools can select to dive into qualitative research for a fee of US $2,750.

Watch for a full report and webinars covering learning from all these stages available to members by the end of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved in the research?

This research project has three phases:

  1. Baseline data collection surveys: These surveys will map current and planned use of education technology across IBSC schools along with perceptions of the impact on learning relationships. This will enable us to develop recommendations for schools on equipping boys and teachers to best engage with new and emerging learning technologies and also identify areas of study needing closer exploration. This will involve a set of questionnaires: one for parents, one for staff, and one for a leader in each school. 
  2. Relational mapping and analysis: A select number of schools will work with Relationships Foundation experts to map learning relationships in classrooms with peers and staff. Innovative tools will quantify the learning relationships, exploring them more deeply than previously possible. 
  3. Further exploratory work: Schools participating in the second part of the research will dig into the learning stories of the boys in their care. This will create the most nuanced overall picture of learning relationships, show how technology mediates them, and elucidate what member schools can do to ensure technology supports relationships.
What impact will the research have?

The research data will develop a comprehensive picture of how technology mediates learning relationships and inform schools how to harness it to the advantage of students.

How can my school participate?

Watch for an email linking to the survey that will establish baseline data. To get involved further, your school can participate the second and third stages of the project. Learn more about participating.

What is the timeline?

We will email links for our initial surveys to school representatives at each IBSC member school in early April 2022. Please complete the survey and forward the appropriate links to your parents and staff. The relational mapping activity will commence shortly thereafter with a select group of schools.

What about privacy?

The project will comply with IBSC’s published privacy policy. Staff and parent questionnaires will be anonymous. We do ask which organization you represent, but we do not report individual organizations or individual responses. Any information you share will be aggregated before discussion at the institution level to preserve anonymity and ensure that we can collect the most accurate picture of your views. Data on individual schools’ use of technology will not be published: only aggregated data across IBSC.

How can I learn more?

Attend a webinar to learn more about what the project plans to explore and Relationships Foundation relational mapping tools.

  • Wednesday, April 6, 11:00 AM EDT
  • Thursday, April 7, 3:00 AM EDT
  • Thursday, April 7, 4:00 PM EDT

Bring your questions. You may also contact James Griffin at the Relationships Foundation to discuss the project further.