IBSC Special Interest Group

Libraries - Reading Culture

Host Schools 
Crescent School (Canada)

Our group is interested in exploring different ways our schools can motivate the boys to embrace a strong reading culture. As schools continue to offer 'schools for boys' and support them in their development into young men, inspiring the ideals of modern masculinity, and building an overall sense of wellness, reading culture is one mode that could be very effective in meeting these needs. Research shows that those who read have empathy for others, builds mental wellness, enhance academic achievement and create a sense of belonging for those who share interests in book clubs. Some areas of exploration we are considering are the impact of spaces and access to collections, genrifying our collections, using neuropathways to understand the impact of reading, investing in the effort to raise the value of pleasure reading as a larger priority in our schools. 

Shared Outcome
It is anticipated that members of the SIG will present their findings in a workshop at the 2024 Annual Conference. 

Age groups targeted by project: Grades 8-12
Start date of project: May 1, 2023
End date of project: May 1, 2024 

To participate in this special interest group please contact:
Trish Cislak
Head of Libraries and Research, Action Research Team Advisor
Crescent School (Canada)

Interested schools should reach out to Trish by April 28, 2023