Ongoing Research: Relational Teaching

Following up on his successful research on relational learning in boys, which he conducted with Richard Hawley in partnership with IBSC, Michael Reichert and his team at the University of Pennsylvania offer new insight into relational teaching and how faculty can leverage this essential strategy. Get a sneak peek at the data below in advance of the full report.

Plus, Reichert makes the following special offer to IBSC member schools: "While we digest the various studies we have conducted and consider next steps, we want to make the test available to IBSC member schools in recognition of the central role the Coalition has played in its development. To that end, we make the following offer: any member school wishing to administer the test can arrange with us to do so. For IBSC members we will offer a discounted price, simply to cover administrative, reporting and additional research expenses, for six months from September 1, 2018." If interested, please contact him directly at

A New Tool to Strengthen Relational Teaching with Boys